• Software solutions

    To respond responsibly to the areas I'm working on, it was necessary to automate repetitive activities that are common from the nature of my work and I therefore develop business applications.

    That is why I actively focus on the development of automated systems in vba, vb.net, as well as MS Access and MS SQL express.

    Advantages of my software solutions

    • Thorough study of the legal environment of the assignment
    • Unburden the client from application testing
    • Delivering a complete solution at the first presentation
    • Submission of subjective suggestions to improve the application


    When creating an app, I request a reward for every even started hour. The reward is always determined individually, depending on the amount of work needed. At the opening meeting, we define the estimated hours range depending on the client’s requirements.

  • .net

    I develop Windows applications on the Windows Forms platform, which is graphically and IT logically the closest to a domestic user.

    Windows Forms experience

    • Software development for insolvency administrators that records registered receivables, property assets, administers administrator’s office, generates documents, calculates deadlines, allocates tasks ...
    • Development of software for recording of legal relationships, for generating contracts, for automatic creation of invoices for the respective rewards and their email delivery, for creating notifications in MS Outlook...
  • MS Access

    MS Access is part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. It is an environment for rapid development and implementation of applications, which is optimally used by 5 users in the network.

    However, you do not have to buy MS Access when you implement such an application.

    My MS Access experience

    • Development of business-invoicing software cooparating with MS Office (generating xls reports, html structured emails with attachments, organizing directories, importing invoices into accounting software, etc.)
    • Development of a registry management application that also graphically describes the position of the file in the archive
    • Development of application for creating corporate documentation when establishing Slovak LLC.

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